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Science College
Class 3rd year                                 Time:                            Total Marks: 100                                                Paper English

Attempt any two questions.  From section a   section B is compulsory
Q1.a. Describe joins as a health maniac. 
(b) Leacock uses exaggeration in his essay .where does he use exaggeration? And why? 10
Q2.a shows the difference between Bromides and sulphite.    10
(b) the essay ‘bromides and sulphites” 
First appeared in 1906. Does it seem dated in its chief contentions? In the examples of bromidic remark? In the persons named as bromides and sulphites?
Q3.How does the theme of the tale relate to the subject of language and culture, discuss with reference to IN THE LAST LESSON’?   (b) Does this patriotic tale of French school boy make us conscious about the value of our native language?
Q4. (a) What aspects of human mature are pointed out when man is compared with anaconda, bees, roosters, cats?
(b) Which specific traits make man the lowest animal in Mark twain’s view? 
Q5.Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end.
Advertisements are essential to the mews paper of today .its finances depend on them, without it, it would have either to raise its price to a level that it is disastrous to its circulation, or reduce its size drastically that again its pries would fall suddenly like many freight papers, submit to being run at heavy loss’s by some rich man for his own or other ends. Advertisement revenue is the safe guard of paper’s independence, and it is some thing of a paradox.
Q1.suggest a suitable title for the passage and make a précis? Q2.why is advertisements essential for the newspapers?
Q3how do the advertisements safe guard the mewspapers? Q4.write a report on     the c corruption in examinations with suggestions and conclusion. 
Q5.write an essay of 200 words on one of the given topics.

Science College
Class 4th year                 Time:                   Total Marks: 100                   Paper English
Attempt any two questions from section    A
Q1 (a) what is according to c.s Lewis, the law of nature? Do you agree with him?  15
(b) Is it right or wrong not to practice ourselves the kind of behavior we expect from other people?  10
Q2 (a) the essay the damned human race, was written in the early 1900’s
Can people remove the label in new millennium? 15
(b) Which specific traits make man the lowest animal in the mark twain’s view?
Q3discuss the open window, as the main or the most important character of the story? 15
(b) Give a brief sketch of Mrs.  Frampton’s niece?
Q4 (a) show how the writer (George Orwell) make use of personal experience to comment on the human condition at large?
(b) How does the French hospital where Orwell, stayed, compared with the hospitals in England? 10
                                          SECTION    B
Read the passage carefully and answer the questions.
We might characterize popular art first. Popular art is said to be simple and unsophisticated, aesthetically deficient because of its artlessness. It lacks quality; every thing is straight forward,
With no place for complications, and it is standardized as well as simplified .it is lifeless because it
Is only a succession of mechanical repetitions; while what is vital in art is endlessly variable .it is less unset tiling to deal with machines than with people
Q1 what are characteristics of popular art?
Q2.why is popular art lifeless?
Q3 why is popular art unpopular among some people?
Q4Mark a précis of paragraph and give it a suitable title?
Q4.W rite an essay of 200 words on one of the given topics.

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